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Lights on Denton rd.

Did you ever hear the Rumor of lights at the end of Denton rd? We did too. Some of the stories involved lights from Flying Saucers others involved Ghost and Murders.

The Stories are as varied as the people who told them. Did you hear the story of a couple whose car broke down on the road when they went looking for the lights? He went for help and left her behind. When he returned he found her dead. Maybe you heard the story of the Lady who lived near the bridge. She tried to hide under the bridge from her drunken husband. He found her there he killed her. Her ghost is said the haunt the bridge and chase people away.

How can one road have so many stories? Maybe they were more than just stories...

Do you have a story to tell?

From the book "Haunted Places in Michigan"

Canton - Denton rd - many legends about this rd. the bridge is said to be haunted by a woman who's child was killed by a car, she walks the bridge and you can hear the baby cry. dark figures chase your car and there is said to be a house on a side rd. that is haunted.

Canton - Denton Road Bridge - The story goes that a group of kids were playing chicken near Denton Road bridge, and one of them proved to be chicken. His car swerved off the road when they reached the bridge, and crashed into the river below. Many people claim to see a light come out of river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the center of the bridge at night.- November 2003 Update: the road has been reconfigured in that area and that the bridge no longer exists. That is not to say that the hauntings no longer occur.

Go down Denton rd. at midnight and stop when you see the old road at the bottom of the hill on Denton Rd. (Unknown name of road but it's by the old cemetery) stop turn off all lights and get out of your car wait about 1-10 min. and you will see a glow float down the old road at the bottom of the hill.

Belleville - Cemetery off S. Service Drive - Denton Rd. - There's an overall bad feeling in this cemetery. If you take a camera (preferably digital) and take pictures, you'll see orbs everywhere. There's a specific large, greenish orb that shows up in photographs quite a bit.