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1960's & 1970's Classic Cartoon Character Glasses

If you are like most people in America you remember drinking out of your favorite cartoon character glass sometime in your life. Chances are your glass was a promotional item from a fast food restaurant or a jelly jar. Of course, like most people, one or more of these glasses were probably broken over the course of time. No need to fear, there are many people like yourself that have orphan promo glasses too.
Glass collecting has become a popular hobby. One popular area of promo glass collecting is the Welch's Jelly Glasses. The interest in these glasses has been increasing over the years. There were twenty-six different sets of Welch's glasses dating back to 1953. It all started with Howdy-Doody and has gone on to include Davy Crockett, the Flintstones, Archie, Warner Bros, Dr. Seuss and Peanuts in 2001.

Other cartoon characters such as the Flintstones, Snoopy, Woody Woodpecker and Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner and Daffy Duck, have also graced collectable promotional glasses. Many fast food restaurant chains such as Hardees, McDonalds and Burger King provided these collectible glasses.

Glasses with Disney characters are quite popular. Restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell often provided promotional Disney glasses.

Superhero glasses such as those with Superman, Batman or Spiderman are a bit harder to find but worth looking for. Some of the more obscure characters like Aquaman or Green Lantern are particularly treasured. In fact, the 'holy grail' of collectable promo glassware is the Terrytoons Mighty Mouse glass. It was only available in California in late 1970's. It is worth hundreds of dollars to the right collector.

Most of the Welch's glasses and other promo glasses are very affordable. Almost any of these glasses can be found for sale on the internet. So you can reunite your orphan glass with its other cartoon friends.

The average price range for collecting most cartoon promo glasses is $10 - $20. Even some of the most recent glasses can be hard to find like the 1996 Dr. Seuss series. So put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and have fun tracking down your favorite cartoon character glasses at the local Flea Markets and garage sales.

Some of my favorite cartoon characters and glasses are from the Jay Ward TV series "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show". This show introduced us to some of the most beloved and dim-witted characters on TV such as Dudley-Do-Right, Capt. Peachfuzz & Bullwinkle. Thankfully, the show and the history of the world were balanced out with the genius of Mr. Peabody.

There was a wide variety of Bullwinkle and Rocky series glasses produced. Some of the more "Hip" glasses included the C.B. Radio craze. I think the Frosted Glasses or Tumblers are very nice.

If you love Rocky & Bullwinkle visit my page dedicated to Frostbite Falls.
To view more Bullwinkle & Rocky collectibles view this collection of JayWard Collectibles.

Search for Collectible Glasses at Promotional Glass Collectors Association.

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