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1933: Richard Hollingshead opened the world's first drive-in movie on 10 acres off Wilson Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey. The screen was 40 by 30 feet. Admission was 25 cents per car plus another quarter for each passenger. With that simple idea a new form of movie entertainment was born. The idea would flourish across the country and then fade like the winds of time.
Timewarpmemories allows you the chance to experience that Drive-in movie feeling again. Now sit back and enjoy a show. The price is free and the Drive-in is always open.

Unfortunately the search function on Youtube is no longer available so movies are limited to the movies currently listed below and any movie that Youtube shows after mine completes. Once I figure how to add a search function again I hope to provide full Youtube search access again.
I will try to provide updated movies as time permits.

Featured movie trailers at my Drive-in.
Here are a few movies for your enjoyment.
day the earth stood still   creature from the black lagoon   young frankenstein   forbidden planet,b movie   jaws movie,drivein movie   harry potter

titanic movie   amazing spiderman   star wars movie   lord of the rings   silver surfer   at worlds end
dracula movie   Godzilla Katniss Everdeen

Additional movie examples.
Avengers     Wolverine Origins     Monsters vs Aliens     X-Men 2

    IronMan 3     Half Blood Prince     James Bond

Vintage Drive-in Intermission ads

Full length Cartoons at the Drive-in
duck dodgers   Alvin & the chipmunks   speedy Gonzales   mr magoo   huckleberry hound cartoon   deputy dawg

Heckle & Jeckle     Dudley Do-right     Woody Woodpecker

Watch your favorite
Saturday morning classic cartoons on TV.

Visit our 50's & 60's Sci-fi Movie theater
for out of this World adventure!
Featured amateur Movies
star wars vs star trek
Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars Lego band
disney x-men
X-Men Disney style
Spiderman Kiss
Unchained Melody

Mel Brooks films

Harry Potter -
Pirate at World's End
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