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The 1960's produced some of the most beloved and memorable entertainment of our generation. Many of the shows we watch today do nothing more than copy the successful ideas of the 60's. This page is dedicated that golden era of TV.
I think many parents looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons as much as the kids. It gave them the chance to sleep while the kids were glued to the TV.
What was your favorite cartoon from the 60's? This a collection of some of those cartoons. I'm sure you will see a few that bring back childhood memories.
Many of the things that were allowed on cartoons when we were little would not be allowed today. Cartoons were not afraid to poke fun at anyone like they are today. It's really a shame that some people are so easily offended by the good natured humor of Speedy's lethargic cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez, or the Frito Bandito. They are all fugitives from TV now because they were not Politically correct. Sorry Mr Magoo, even you can't find your way back to TV Land until you can get new glasses.
1960's Cartoons

1960's Comedy shows on Television


The best new situation comedies for this year were THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and MY THREE SONS. These two would become long running successes and classic 60's TV.


The situation comedy shows increased by four more shows. Included among the new programs this season was the comedy classic THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW. It almost did not make it. It did, became one of the top-rated shows in the 1960s, and ran for a total of five years, leaving the air only because Dick Van Dyke decided to quit while he was ahead. MR. ED also joined the programming.


One of the new shows, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, was greeted with critical distaste and public acclaim. It became so popular that the Neilson ratings list it as the 15th most popular program of all time.


Classic new shows for this year included MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, THE PATTY DUKE SHOW, and PETTICOAT JUNCTION.


One of the big winners of the season was BEWITCHED. This was also the year that Monsters made a comedy debut. The ADDAM'S FAMILY and the MUNSTER'S became just your typical suburban ghoulish family.


In this season seven of the new shows became hits, including GET SMART, I DREAM OF JEANNIE and HOGAN'S HEROES. This season also saw what has been considered the worst sitcom ever to go on the air: MY MOTHER THE CAR starring Jerry Van Dyke.


The situation comedy began to fall this year only three, FAMILY AFFAIR, THE MONKEES and THAT GIRL, were renewed at the end of the season.


Only one new show of note this year was THE FLYING NUN.
Of the five new variety shows, one, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, would be a long-running hit, and another would become extremely controversial: THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR.


This season brought the premieres of THE DORIS DAY SHOW, THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR, HERE'S LUCY, MAYBERRY, R.F.D., and the first sitcom starring a black woman, JULIA, with Diahn Carroll.

Included in the premiere of a new shows was a controversial and fast paced, ROWAN AND MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN.


This season HEE HAW premiered the first network country-western variety show. HEE HAW. It would continue, apparently forever, going into syndication when CBS dropped it in 1971.

1960's TV Shows
The 60's era of TV was a golden age of entertainment. It gave us such classic characters as Gilligan, Herman Munster, Dr. Smith, Uncle Fester, Uncle Martian, Maxwell Smart, Mr. Ed, Jeannie, Gomer Pyle, Granny, Mr. Spock and the list goes on and on. This video pays tribute to some classic 60's TV shows.
The theme songs from many of these popular shows still play over and over in our memories.
When I was a kid laying at home in bed sick, there was not much to watch on TV during the day except Soap Operas. So like most kids I spent my time watching game shows. My favorite was the Match Game. Where else could you make a fool of yourself and make a deal for a Donkey on National TV?
How many new marriages survived the Newlywed Game Questions? Whatever happened to the Contestants of the Dating Game? I never saw them on the Newlywed Show.
Here is a montage of the Game Shows we grew up with.
1960's TV Game Shows
If Western were the most popular shows of the 1960's Bonanza was King. It held the number one spot on TV for 3 years from 1964-1967. It surpassed Gunsmoke which held the top spot for 2 years at the start of the decade. Every girl dreamed about becoming Little Joe's wife. Maybe when she grew up she could live in a Little House on the Prairie.
For pure fun and adventure we could always tune in again tomorrow at the same Bat-time same Bat-station. Although very popular at the start viewers quickly tired of the cheesy plots and jokes. It was cancelled after the third season. Holy, train wreck Batman!
It may not have lasted long on TV but it remains a favorite memory of 60's corny TV viewers.

The Batmobile thru the years
Star Trek
Despite the dominance of Westerns and Comedies in the 60's no TV show provided the shear cult following that Star Trek did. Sci-fi fans have kept it alive into the Next Generation.
The shows technology amazed us. Imagine communicators that you could flip open and talk into without dialing a number or having a cord attached. I wonder how many more wild inventions will turn into everyday items. Beam me up Scotty.
While James Bond was protecting the world on the big screen TV decided to create a spoof of the super spy and his secret weapons. In the process they created a big TV hit called Get Smart.
This series focused on the world's top secret agents and the inventions that could protect the world from the evil forces of KAOS. The most popular and least effect invention was the ever popular Cone of Silence. Despite its total failure, I still hear people say they wish they had one.
Get Smart
The Monkees
The TV show, which ran from 1966 to 1968, helped make the Monkees one of the most popular music acts of the decade. The musical romps during the show helped lay the foundation for modern music videos. The songs were very popular and the insane humor of the show was just plain fun. Who really cares if they could not play music, they were great singers and actors.
No mention of the 60's TV would be complete without mentioning Rowan & Martins Laugh-in. It was hip, controversial and funny. This variety show introduced us to a many new catch phrases like "Sock it to me" and "Here come the Judge". One of the most unusual characters from the show was of course Tiny Tim singing "Tip-toe through the Tulips". Laugh-in
  Game shows were big is the 1960's, moving away from the game show fixing scandals of the 1950's, new, quality programming occupied the coveted daytime TV slots and the prizes increased dramatically. Families came together around the box to join in with the suspense and excitement of the lucky contestants. The prizes where often fantastic in their time from all cash payouts, holidays abroad, top of the range household appliances and deluxe carpeting to an entire house. Today you can also find games with big prizes where you could win a car, without moving an inch. There may not have been "Who wants to be a millionaire?", but what there was just as good!

What made these TV shows so special? They're special because they helped build the foundation of a new era. It was an era when millions of Baby Boomers were influenced not only by their parents and friends but by the TV. We all watched the same shows. It didn't matter where people were. They could be at home or visiting family; on Sunday night we all watched "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color", and maybe stayed up to catch Topo Gigio on "The Ed Sullivan Show".
Together we watched man land on the moon, Presidents assassinated, wars fought and the British invasions, aka Beatlemania.

Yes, these are the reasons why the 60's and 70's TV had such an impact. Good, bad or indifferent TV created a unified connection to that era. That connection will last a lifetime for everyone fortunate enough to have experienced it. Don't believe me? OK, ask yourself this. Who's hotter Ginger or Maryann? Gotcha, no explanation is necessary. You know what I mean. Every man who ever watched this show has answered that very question. TV connected our society like a magnet. These unifying experiences are very limited in today's 1000+ TV channel society.

Three question from the 60's still remain unanswered.
1. Car 54 Where are you?
2. Who was hotter? Ginger or Maryann.
  My vote is Maryann
3. Mr Owl; how many licks does it take?
   The world may never know, but we do.

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