Time Warp Memories

Timeline of the Twentieth Century: 1970-1979


American Soldiers Accused of Murdering Entire Town of Vietnamese Civilians

Aswan High Dam Completed

Beatles Break Up

Computer Floppy Disks Introduced

Palestinian Group Hijacks Five Planes

Kent State Shootings


London Bridge Brought to the U.S.

United Kingdom Changes to Decimal System for Currency

VCRs Introduced


M*A*S*H T.V. Show Premiers

Mark Spitz Wins Seven Gold Medals

Pocket Calculators Introduced

Terrorists Attack at the Olympic Games in Munich

Watergate Scandal Begins


Abortion Legalized in U.S.

Paul Getty Kidnapped

Sears Tower Built

U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam

U.S. Vice President Resigns


Halie Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, Deposed

Mikhail Baryshnikov Defects

Patty Hearst Kidnapped

Terracotta Army Discovered in China

U.S. President Nixon Resigns


Arthur Ashe First Black Man to Win Wimbledon

Civil War in Lebanon

Microsoft Founded

Pol Pot Becomes the Communist Dictator of Cambodia


Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens

North and South Vietnam Join to Form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Tangshan Earthquake Kills Over 240,000


Elvis Found Dead

Miniseries Roots Airs

South African Anti-Apartheid Leader Steve Biko Tortured to Death

Star Wars Movie Released


First Test-Tube Baby Born

John Paul II Becomes Pope

Jonestown Massacre


Ayatollah Khomeini Returns as Leader of Iran

Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran

Margaret Thatcher First Woman Prime Minister of Great Britain

Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island

Sony Introduces the Walkman


During the seventies the nation fell into an economic funk and inflation soared to new levels. In 1972 Richard Nixon pulled troops out of Vietnam. A time of widespread public cynicism of the government followed when President Nixon and the Republicans got caught eavesdropping on Democratic party headquarters in the Watergate scandal. Nixon was impeached and became the first president ever to resign on August 9th 1974.
In September of 1972 the Olympics were highlighted by American swimmer Mark Spitz and marked by the tragedy of the execution of most of the Israeli Olympic team by terrorists.
The energy crisis brought the end to muscle cars and cruising. Long gas lines and shortages kept people close to home.
In 1975, the year after I graduated High school, teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in Detroit never to be found again.
On July 4th 1976, America celebrated its 200th birthday.
The seventies marked the beginning of women's movement. The end of the seventies saw the rise and fall disco. Things like Bell Bottoms, Mini-skirts, Pet rocks, Mood rings, Platform Shoes, Disco, CB Radios, and Streaking defined the lives of people in the 70's.
In the mid 70's John Denver was leading the county charts with his Rocky Mountain High music while Elton John was tearing up the rock music charts.

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