Time Warp Memories

The relaxed and laid back attitude of the 1970s fostered an almost Alien language of the Hippie sub-culture. Generally Slang serves two purposes; first it lowers the formality of language and secondly it is used to identify with ones Peers. The tribe mentality of the 1970s was prime breeding ground for some great slang. So do me a solid, take a break from working on that MBA online, and chill with this flash back. I'll catch you on the flip side!

Slang Terms of the Seventies
Slang introduced during the 1970s.
This is a list of the slang words that were popular during the 1970s.
  • skinny
    real deal or truth ex "let me give you the skinny on the deal"

  • ' Can You Dig It'
    Do you understand? " Can you dig it man?"

  • 'Psyche'
    To trick someone. To B.S. someone. As if to psyche them out.

  • 'Bogue'
    Used to describe something offensive or an unrealistic idea. "That's so Bogue" or "That's Bogue" or "Bogue, man..."

  • The 'Crib' and going to the 'Gig'
    The "crib" was going home or to someone else's house, and "gig" was work or job.

  • 'Don't Be Such A 'spaz'
    A 'spaz' was someone that was accident prone,clutsy, or just acting stupid.

  • 'Dream On'
    a term used to get someone down to earth, or tell them they are being unrealistic about something, e.g. when someone would say, "I'm getting a brand new car!" you'd respond, "Yeah, right; dream on man!"

  • 'Far Out'

  • 'Good night, John-boy.'
    An annoying phrase popularized by the entire cast of "the Waltons" -- except by John-boy" himself.

  • 'In Your Face!'
    I have succeeded in embarrassing or up-staging you

  • 'Lay A Gasser'
    to fart.

  • 'May The Force Be With You'
    The most popular line from one of the greatest movies of the 70s(and of all time) StarWars.

  • 'Phony'
    To describe an overbearing, "two faced", or deceitful person or thing. Also: "Phony Baloney" which then became: "Baloney" which is an active form, used to instantly dismiss the phony person or utterance.

  • 'That's Sick!'
    A Midwestern phrase in the late 70's. To describe something odd or unusual. Not necessarily an person or object of distaste, but something suspect but also intriguing. "Sick!"

  • 'The Man'
    the man to me means any authority, corporations, police, government, they're all the man tho first used in the 60's by the hippies it live through the 70's,80's,90's and still to this day

  • 'To The Max'!
    Take it to the maximum. The best it can be.

  • 'You Know'
    This was said at the end of nearly every sentence :)

  • 'You're So Stunned'
    Meaning the person acted or said something stupid, dumb.

  • 'Your Mama'
    "Your Mama" was said a lot of my school, with also "Joe Mama." With "Happy Days" that brought us the word "Nerd" which was VERY popular.

  • 'book' Or 'booking'
    To leave or run quickly, usually away from something.

  • 'bunny'
    a cute girl

  • 'catch You On The Flip~side'
    see you later

  • 'chill' 'be Cool'
    relax, man!

  • 'city'
    everything had "city" after it. That was cool-city.

  • 'fab'
    same as fabulous. ex: "that movie was fab"

  • 'feel Tha Funk'
    feel the music. get down wit da boogie.

  • 'fool That You Are'
    it is like saying "dork" or "goofball". also like saying you know that you are a dork in a playing around tone or way.

  • 'get Down,' Or, 'boogie'

  • 'keep On Truckin'
    go w/ the flow

  • 'like'
    Beginning every sentence with "like". "Like we went to the mall and like I saw him looking at me."

  • 'looo-king Gooood!'
    a phrase popularized by the late Freddie Prinz Sr. on the tv sitcom "Chico and the man."

  • 'putz'
    Jewish slang for someone who a constant screw up or foul up or just being a jerk

  • 'right On' !!
    Right on--was a slang used for cool people when you agreed to something ex: Are you going to the club tonight--Right on!

  • 'to The Max.'
    Taken to an extreme. As in: That dude is so bitchen, to the max.

  • 'what It Is, What It Is'
    a greeting usually meaning,"hey", "What's up?"

  • ...with
    Ending a question or sentence using the word "with" has been used in the scandinavian communities of the mid-west since the early 70's. I remember getting flack from people we visited out east, in Boston, during the bicentenial when I used it that way. The most common questions I remember asking are; "ya wanna go with?" or "can I go with?"

  • 4-sho
    for sure, or for real

  • Ace
    Just another groovy word for funky and awesome.

  • Airhead
    Reference to a stupid person, usually a woman, usually blond. Often someone pretending to be stupid in order to be considered attractive to the opposite sex. "Chrissy on Three's Company is such an airhead."

  • All Right
    that's da bomb

  • Are You Decent?
    Are you fully dressed?

  • Awesome
    Cool: That's totally awesome Man!

  • Baby
    sexy, groovy person or someone you love

  • Backatcha!
    "You too".

  • Bad
    Very cool or very good. As a rule, "Bad" was applied most readily to songs and outfits that you liked.

  • Be There Or Be Square
    Means Be at the party or place or be boring.

  • Bear or Smokey
    Since they wore the standard uniform with a "Smokey the Bear" hat, mobile police officers were referred to as "Smokey Bears" or, as it was quickly shortened to, "Smokies",a "smokey" or "Bear(s)". As time went on the term naturally got picked up and applied to any mobile law officer or any officer in general. The movies were quick to pick up on this slang and popularized it in the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

  • Beat The Drag
    driving up and down the 'loop' or the designated driving area as defined by the cool kids with cars!!!

  • Bitch'n

  • Black Saber
    you're finished

  • Blazin
    like on fire (totally) hip or hot.

  • Blood
    Used for like a greeting to a friend used for ex: What'sgoing on BLOOD.

  • Blow Off/blew Off
    to skip, avoid or ignore someone or something. "I blew off that class." or "He was such a jerk, I just blew him off."

  • Bogart
    To hog something. Like, "Hey man, don't Bogart that smoke. Pass it down!"

  • Bogue
    Bad, like "That food was really bogue tonight.

  • Bogus!
    Dang it! To be annoyed with something. Also means fake.

  • Bomb
    adj. to be hip, cool. ex. That guy has a bomb Chevelle.

  • Bomb Dude
    that's sweet. Awesome, something very cool.

  • Boob Tube
    Television, TV

  • Boogie
    to get your groove on; to dance.

  • Book
    To leave or move in a hurry. "I've gotta book. I'll catch you later"

  • Boss!
    Cool; awesome

  • Brawl
    To engage in a heavy fight, often to the death.

  • Bread
    Money; Cash. "Do you have any bread?"

  • Brick House
    a brick house is when someone is well built.

  • Brother
    Mate, buddy, good friend

  • Buff
    Physically well built.

  • Buggin Out, Bugged Out
    Meant something freaked you out or "what a trip", how wild

  • Bummer
    bad news, not good,

  • Bunk
    Low quality stash or anything felt to be cheap or untrue.

  • Burn Out
    a regular user of drugs

  • Busted!
    Someone who has been caught doing something wrong.

  • Buzz Off
    Get Lost

  • C.B. Radio
    The most memorable fads of the 70's 10-4 Good Buddy!

  • Can You Dig It?
    means "Do you understand?"

  • Casanova
    Boys who were unusually smooth operators with the girls.

  • Catch My Drift?
    get it?

  • Catch You on the Rebound
    like see you on the flipside

  • Check You Later
    I will see you later

  • Cheesier
    Used in the Bronx; Little kids called other kids this if you sucked up to grown ups.

  • Chick

  • Chicks
    "pretty girls"

  • Chill
    stay cool

  • Chump
    a loser, a fool, a rube.

  • Cool
    Someone or something that is very smooth or nice.

  • Cool Dude!
    that's cool.

  • Cool Man!
    equivalent to right on or sweet

  • Cool-o-roonie
    Something really cool

  • Cooler
    means prison or jail

  • Copasetic
    cool, or something that's cool.

  • Crib
    Your 'crib' meant your 'house', where you lived.

  • Cut The Cheese

  • Cut out
    When someone is leaving they 'cut out'.

  • Cya Later Alligator
    'Cya Later Alligator' is a cheeky term and it usually means cya round.

  • Dang
    Mighty fine

  • Deadhead
    a grateful dead fan

  • Decent
    Very cool, something you are excited about.

  • Dig It
    Means "I understand." Sentence Form: That's cool, I can dig it.

  • Disco
    really cool or something that resembles coolness, That shirt is totally Disco.

  • Do It/score
    have sex

  • Do You Copy?
    Do You Copy? Understanding what someone is saying.

  • Don't Bogart
    Don't be selfish

  • Doobie
    A joint, marijuana cigarette

  • Doofus
    An individual who is dim-witted and or socially inept.

  • Dope
    Drugs or a Doofus.

  • Dork Or Dorky
    a dull or slow-witted person

  • Drag
    as in, "What a drag!" meaning, "man, that's lousy." also, to "Take a drag", aka a "hit".

  • Dude
    "Man" "Guy" person.

  • Dude

  • Dude
    A way to address someone: Dude, that's totally awesome

  • Dude, Dudet
    man and girl

  • Dy-no-mite!
    Inspired by JJ Walker when he was on Good Times in the early to mid 70's. It meant that something was terrific.

  • Fake Me Out
    To be deceived or tricked.

  • Far Out
    really cool; "righteous"

  • Far Out Man
    "so cool" "Awesome"

  • Flash Back
    Sudden memory of a past time or event. Feeling high /acid flash back.

  • Flower Power
    Rather choose peace over war

  • Fooey
    "something that is just plain rubbish"

  • For Sure
    Usually pronounced "fer shure"; synonym for the gazillion other things meaning, you are correct, such as, right on, I'm hip, I dig, etc.

  • Fox
    Noun, good looking dude or chick. "John Travolta is such a fox!"

  • Foxy Mama
    hot chick, hot girl

  • Freak-me-out
    Means : that really surprised me!

  • Freak-out
    An event at which the participants do psychedelic drugs and "freak out."

  • Freaky-deaky
    very weird

  • Freak weed
    Pot or a drug user of Marijuana. Also the Pot plant itself.

  • Fruit
    adjective; something that is stupid or excessively nerdy; "I hate David Cassidy. He's so fruit."

  • Funk

  • Funkadelic
    Awsome, Cool: "Man,that dance was funkadelic!"

  • Funky
    Weird or cool.

  • Fuzz
    Cops,- police,- law enforcement

  • Gag Me with a Spoon
    something weird or disgusting, a chick who's ugly

  • Gas

  • Gearhead
    person interested in cars

  • Gee Wiz
    oh wow!

  • Geek
    a nerdy/loser breed of person, socially inept and some may even go as far as saying tragic.

  • Get Bent
    Get messed up.

  • Get Real
    means to simply get a life or get out of site

  • Get-go
    from the beginning

  • Gig
    Job. e.g. I start my new gig today.

  • Gimme Five
    Slap hands (one palm over the other, then in reverse) with another person, as in agreement with you, or something you really like

  • Gimme Some Skin
    This means to shake someone's hand. It lasted from the 60's into the 70's.

  • Gnarly
    cool, awesome, very good

  • Gobs
    lots of something

  • Going Around
    Two people that are dating each other

  • Good Vibes
    positive energy

  • Goon
    a nerd

  • Gravy
    Sweet, cool, excellent or easy.

  • Grit
    dirty person

  • Grody
    Gross, disgusting "That was grody!"

  • Groovy
    Cool,hip or wicked

  • Hang
    to exist with a person or in a place;

  • Hard Core
    Not something that lightweights would do.

  • Heads
    commonly referred to as the pot heads in the 70's.

  • Heads And Jocks And Nerds
    Heads were drug users , jocks played sports and nerds were book smart.

  • Heavy
    Something serious or important or really cool.

  • Here's The Skinny
    It means ok here's the lowdown or here's the catch

  • Hertz Donut
    A painful joke. A bully asks the nerd, "Do you want a nice Hertz donut?" When the nerd answered in the positive, the bully twists the nerd's nipple or punches them in the arm(either one) and exclaims, "Hurts, don-ut?"

  • Hip
    Hip was used just as we use "cool" in today's family language. It's an expression of stating something is groovy.

  • Hip
    Cool. "That song was very hip"

  • Hip To The Grove
    down with the music

  • Honkey
    A term (usu. derogatory) of a white man. Most known by George Jefferson of "The Jeffersons" TV series.

  • Hood
    A bad boy (one your mama wouldn't approve of!)

  • Hot Pants
    hot pants means look at her she is very cute or she is a hooty

  • Hotdog
    When you are amazed at something or a person showing off.

  • How's It Hangin'
    Hi how are you, what'sup?

  • Hubba Hubba
    Used when an attractive person walked near by.

  • Hunk
    Girls' term for a handsome or otherwise attractive boy. "Ooh, he's such a hunk!"

  • I Am Out To Lunch
    I am confused

  • I Dig It!
    that's awesome...good idea

  • I Hear That.
    I accept your decision.

  • I'll Call You Out
    Let's fight!!

  • I'm Bad
    meaning really cool slick top person.

  • I'm Hip
    I agree with you

  • I'm On A High
    Some body on a high

  • I'm Trippin
    going nuts on drugs or something.

  • It's Casual
    meaning things are okay, instead of saying "don't worry about it" you'd say "it's casual"

  • Jack Squat
    (n.) Nothing.

  • Jeepers Creepers
    Oh my God or another way of saying far out

  • Jell
    to hang out and get stoned or someone who was wasted all the time was a jell head

  • Jelly Brain
    Someone who is slow from excessive drug use, particularly LSD

  • Jesus Freak
    Young, usually longhaired Evangelical Christian.

  • Jiggy
    dance in a funky way

  • Jinkies
    Sign of surprise, "Oh my god!"

  • Jive Turkey
    full of it, crazy

  • Jive or Jiving
    Jive can mean to talk or chat. Jiving means to talk nonsense, to be deceptive, or nonsensical. "You ain't Jiving man?" That would be the same as, "Is that the truth?"

  • Jock
    very popular guy like a football player

  • The Joint
    Something that is way cool or outta sight.

  • Joshin
    you gotta be joshing me like you are kidding.

  • Juicer
    a ladies' man

  • Jump Back!
    meaning, "are you serious? Wow!

  • Jump Your Bones
    Jump (someones) bones meaning to want to have sex with that person.

  • Keen
    Another word for Cool.

  • Keep On Keepin On
    have a good day or hang in there

  • Keepin' It Real
    it means you are keeping it cool.

  • Kicks
    shoes, running shoes "hey, I like those new kicks you got there"

  • Killer
    A way of saying very cool

  • Kosher
    cool, sweet.

  • La La
    Stupid idiot.... That guy is so La La!

  • Later
    See you at another time.

  • Let It All Hang Out!
    Go for it!

  • Let's Blow This Taco Stand.
    Let's leave

  • Let's Boogie
    Lets get going, or Let's dance

  • Let's Book
    Lets leave this place

  • Lets Boogie On Down
    dance....like drop it likes it hot.

  • Lightweight
    Something that is not hard core or someone who can't handle large quantities of substance.

  • The Lowdown
    The truth, inside info, unadulterated facts; or dirty, mean. "I got the lowdown." "That was a lowdown trick, man."

  • Man
    an abundant phrase it has been replaced by the more common "dude"

  • The Man
    The cops.

  • Mary Jane is a different name for Marijuana or Pot

  • Meeeeoooooowww!
    What a really good looking chick walks by or when a really good looking guy walks buy you would say this.

  • Mellow Out
    Chill out; Calm Down: Take a pill; Relax kid.

  • Mind Your Potatoes
    to mind your own business

  • Mondo Cool
    cool; awesome

  • Mr. Natural
    Mr. Natural was a cartoon creation by R. Crumb, pictured with a long beard and a long stride and with the words "Keep On Truckin'" (had nothing at all to do with trucks). He showed up in Head Comix and other underground mags and also on T-shirts and other counter cultural gear.

  • Mulah
    money, cash

  • Nanoo, Nanoo
    The greeting phrase from Mork and Mindy--when I was in high school it was all the rage to greet each other with it.

  • Narc
    Narc: Tattler. Someone who turns other people in for anything, especially drug use.

    cool, sweet

  • Naughty
    to be incredibly cool

  • Neat
    this is cool

  • Neato

  • Nifty
    Neat, interesting, making fun of something involved with a nerd...

  • No Duh
    A response to use when someone states the obvious

  • No Fake
    term similar to no foolin'

  • No Way, Jose
    this means a person disagrees about something.

  • Nowhere
    Meaning various things, e.g. "That's/You're nowhere, man!" meaning that something or someone is boring, uncreative, clueless, foolish, or otherwise "out of it."

  • Off The Hook
    cooler then cool

  • Operator
    A guy who knows how to get the lady's and cheat with them without getting caught

  • Outta Sight
    Like far-out. Very cool, good.

  • P.O.W.
    Piece of work. Used to degrade someone. Check out that chick in the red dress, what a P.O.W.

  • Pad
    House, home

  • Pansy
    Sissy. A coward.

  • Pardy, Hardy
    to party until dawn

  • Pass the J
    to pass the marijuana cigarette

  • Peace
    relax "chill"

  • Peace
    peace and don't forget the two fingers

  • Peace Out
    it means gotta go

  • Peace, Man!
    Meaning "Hello." Or "Good-bye." Although, it's associated with Hippies of the 60's, there were plenty of us hippies in the 70's using this term a lot. It always came with the two-fingers up "V" "peace sign" as a required accompaniment.

  • Peel Out
    to leave quickly or in a hurry, usually on your bike or other vehicle.

  • Pigs

  • Pimp

  • Plastic
    Fake, Phony - Not real.

  • Pop a Wheelie
    When driving a bike when you lift front wheel and keep rear wheel on the ground

  • Powerful
    that's was strong, amazing or awesome!

  • Primo
    High quality stash, or anything considered to be of excellent quality.

  • Psyche Out
    Astonished, intense experience. That was a real psyche out, whoa what a trip.

  • Psyched
    Excited. "Hey I am so psyched about this concert."

  • Psychedelic
    awesome; That is one psychedelic fad!

  • Que pasa
    What's Up?

  • The Rabbit Died
    a way of saying someone is NOT pregnant. It refers to the old test of injecting a rabbit with a woman's urine. If the rabbit didn't live, the woman wasn't pregnant; if it did, she was.

  • Rad
    radical, cool, wicked

  • Radical
    It means cool

  • Radical Dude or Radical
    Means that it was something cool.

  • Raggin' or Rag On
    first became popular in the 60's and means putting someone down, to cut them down.

  • Raunchy
    gross, disgusting

  • Real
    Cool, hip, with it. Also, "It's been real", said either genuinely or sarcastically at the end of an event or a rendezvous.

  • Reamed
    A verbal or physical beating.

  • Right Arm/ Farm Out
    slang making fun of slang

  • Right On
    cool man or correct

  • Righteous
    Meaning Groovy or real cool

  • Ringin'

  • Rip-off
    something that was less than the promised value..."what a rip-off"

  • Ripped Off Or Rip Off
    Having something (could be a material item or an idea)stolen from you. "I got ripped off." Or the idea of purchasing something and not getting your money's worth being a "rip off"

  • Rite Quick
    really quick and or right now

  • Rock On!
    it would mean awesome cool, and totally far out dude

  • Rockin

  • Say What?
    What are you talking about?

  • Say, Jack?
    Excuse me, phrase used to get ones attention

  • Say-bro
    means, what's up/what's going on

  • Scarf
    To eat with great appetite and gusto. Example : "I scarfed down the entire bag of chips."

  • Scooby
    don't be so clumsy. Don't be a Scooby

  • Scoping (scope On)
    To be working your crush on someone; they don't necessarily know you're doing it.

  • See ya on the flipside
    See ya later

  • Shagadelic
    To be very hot or sexy.

  • Shaggin' Wagon
    A customized van with mags, an elaborate paint job, opera windows and a bed in the back. Said van often had window stickers that read "If this van's rockin', don't bother knockin'"

  • Shick
    As in "hot". Dude, that girl is shick.

  • Shotgun
    Laying claim to the front seat

  • Shrimp Farming

  • Shuck
    Shuck-means to fool someone or make a fool out of someone.

  • Signed, Sealed, And Delivered
    been there.... done that....

  • Sit On It
    Made popular by "Happy Days," it means basically "shut up," "go to hell," or some other exasperated expression. "Up your nose with a rubber hose" was a similar expression, but popularized by "Welcome Back, Kotter."

  • Slam Dunk
    A close-range, empathatic score in a basketball game. Started in 1972 and popularized in the mid-seventies by the likes of Julius Erving (Dr. J) of the ABA.

  • Slammin
    like cool, or awesome

  • Slap Me Some Skin
    Give me a five man

  • Slick

  • Smoke
    used as a noun, refers to marijuanna; "got any smoke?"

  • Smoke It Or Hand It
    Meaning to smoke the joint and get high or hand it over to me!

  • Smokey
    used in the C.B language to define a cop. Ex: Hey, there is a smokey on our tail.

  • Smooth Play Shakespeare
    Said or did something really stupid

  • So Radical
    that is like so sweet

  • Solid
    Solid- A gracious, friendly, or obliging act;(as in) favor: Please do me a solid.

  • Spiffy
    a word used to describe something that's looks or sounds good.

  • Split
    To Leave. "I'm gonna split".

  • Square
    not cool

  • Stash
    Your personal supply of contraband.

  • Static
    Nonsense, as in "man, quit talking all that static."

  • Stella
    A rude connotation for a 'disco' chick.

  • Stellar

  • Stoked
    Feeling happy with something.

  • Stone Fox
    A "fox" was a really cute guy, but a "stone fox" was the ultimate cute guy!

  • Stoned
    High on dope

  • Streak
    To run in public in the nude. Very popular in 1974.

  • Sucka!
    someone who just got hustled. Dummy or stupid.

  • Sup Babie
    hey sexy ,you look good

  • Sweet Man
    that's awesome or very cool

  • Sweet!
    so awesomely cool, dude.

  • Sweetness
    Something cool, fun, or awesome.

  • Swingin'
    having a good time

  • Take A Chill Pill
    Calm down, cool out. You're too hysterical.

  • Talking Jive
    making no sense when speaking

  • Tattered
    beat really bad

  • Ten-four Good Buddy
    Borrowed from CB slang; probably not used as much by kids as adults. "Ten-Four" means "I got your message" and "good buddy" was what CB'ers called each other.

  • That's Bogus.
    That's a raw deal, That's not fair.

  • That's Cool
    sure why not or no thanks.

  • That's Old School
    That means it is an old style of being.

  • That's The Joint!
    if something was cool, or what's happening, or by todays term "hot" in the 70's it was "the joint"

  • That's Tight, Man.
    Maybe it was a Northwest thing, but when we said, "Oooh, that's tight, man." It meant, "Okay, that was a low blow" or not very nice at all, a real cut down.

  • That's Wacked
    that's screwed up, that's weird, theres something wrong with that, ex: "that dude was wacked"

  • That's Jive Man
    Somthin that aint cool. Usually when someone did somthin uncool to someone else.

  • That's Smashing
    that is awesome, cool, and great. "That show was smashing baby yeah!"

  • This Is Wicked, Man
    very cool

  • Threads
    your clothes

  • Tight!
    awesome, cool, being excited.

  • Tighten Up.
    A phrase used by a "dumb" student in acknowledging to the "smarter" student that he/she was wrong.

  • To Go Bananas
    To go crazy!

  • To The Bone
    totally; completely; to the max. He is scopin' on her to the bone (or TTB)

  • Toke
    take a hit off a joint

  • Token Up
    The act of smoking weed.

  • Totally
    definitely as in "that's right"

  • Totally Hot
    Usually referring to someone's good looks.

  • Totally Man
    It's like saying that is so cool man!

  • Totally Awesome
    totally cool.

  • Tough
    Cool or impressive. "That's a tough car!"

  • Tough
    great! Terrific! Really cool. "That's a tough looking car." "Those new shoes are tough"

  • Tripping
    A term used to describe a deemed insane action or comment by others. i.e. The teacher wants us to read 10 chapters tonight, They are tripping if they think we can read this much tonight.

  • Trippy
    Means 'Cool'. Also used when someone is drinking or smoking, or listening to acid rock. "That music is so trippy."

  • Truck
    To Leave Move or Go. Let's Truck, Man - later man gotta truck. Keep on Truckin'

  • Truckin
    Moving along, taking off, splittin'

  • Tubular
    Awesome, Cool!

  • Tuff
    Cool or sharp

  • Tunes

  • Turkey
    Synonymous with "jerk" or "idiot". Often used in conjunction with "jive" an in "jive turkey".

  • Twitchin'
    A slightly more polite form of bitchin': "That's twitchin'!" ; Awesome; cool; far out

  • Unreal
    Strange, odd, unique in a weird way, e.g. "That's unreal, man!" Similar in meaning to "far out."

  • Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!
    No way, or I'm ticked off by what you did. From "Welcome Back, Kotter." Also, In your ear!

  • Veg Out
    to relax

  • WBS
    appeared at the end of notes you passed in high school. Write Back Soon

  • Wango
    cool, sweet. That car is so wango.

  • Wassup

  • Way Cool
    Way Cool: very cool, like wow man. "That was a Way Cool move"

  • Waz Up
    what is going on

  • Well Excu-u-use Me!
    Another Steve Martin-ism,often heard when he hosted Saturday Night Live, and often abused by would-be comedians at parties, etc. by people who thought they sounded as funny as he did, but who usually didn't.

  • What A Fry!
    Something so freaky, wild or weird that it fried your brain thinking about it. Often exclaimed when high.

  • What A Goof
    Bizarre, wacky, unusual

  • What a Grueler!
    A grueler is an obnoxious person who gruels (stresses)others. Also a hard test in school.

  • What A Nightmare!
    When something was wrong in life, it was defined this way. Used a lot in the Midwest.

  • What Is Hip!
    An expression of agreement with something cool.

  • What It Iz?
    Used as a greeting. " What's happenin' bro. What it iz?"

  • What It Was, What It Is, What It Will Be....
    What it was, what it is, What it will be gonna change for me, gonna set me free- chant- means things are going to work out for the best, and are gonna change

  • What's Happenin'
    see What's Up, Dude? What are you doing?

  • What's Shakin'?
    Casual greeting; equivalent to "What's Happening?", "How's it going?"

  • What's The Buzz?
    What's going on? What's happening?

  • What's Up, Dude
    what are you doing, how are you doing, or just Hey!

  • What's Your 20?
    Derivation of the CB radio term "10-20"--meaning one's present location. In common usage, the phrase "What's your 20?" is someone asking where you are or live.

  • Whatever
    you don't care

  • What's Hanging
    that's cool & what's up

  • What's Poppin
    what's going on with you

  • What's the Skinny
    What's up? what's going on?

  • Where Ever You Go, There You Are
    A statement showing revelation at a situation or result of an event

  • Wicked
    Something so very cool or awesome, usually expressed as like "That's so wicked cool!"

  • Wipeout
    Surfing term; when you are separated from your surfboard by a big wave, eg. "Did you see that wipeout!"

  • Wired

  • Wizard
    another word for cool, or awesome.

  • Word
    It means, that you agree with the person.

  • Wowzers

  • Ya Baby
    Of course, sure

  • Ya Ya
    That's right, I understand.

  • Yank My Chain
    To mislead someone. To waste their time. To be dishonest. "Don't yank my chain buddy."

  • Yea Right
    A response to use when someone says something totally bogus

  • Yeah, Baby!
    oh yeah; great.

  • Yo 'sup?
    Hi, what is going on?

  • Yo All Stop Jivin'!
    Quit, now, this is serious!

  • Youngblood
    It means young man/young boy

  • Your Groovy
    Your cool

  • Your Mother
    refers to someone telling someone else that they had sex with someone elses mother. the statement is of course not meant to be taken seriously, but is used as a bad comeback.

  • Zappy
    When someone is acting crazy.

  • Zen
    means at peace, totally cool with one self.

  • Zipperhead
    Guys with short hair, usually into disco music.

  • Zippy
    to go Fast. ex. dang you are zippy. or. you are zip!

  • Zoinks!
    scared, horrified or shocked.

  • Zomba
    something is really cool

  • Zoot
    For something to go flailing outwards, usually shouted as like "ZOOT!"

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