Time Warp Memories
Classic TV Comedians.
  One of the most successful variety show of all-time has to be The Carol Burnett Show (CBS 1967-1978). Although it was never in the top 10 TV shows it outlasted many shows that made it to the top 10. The reason it lasted was because it had some of the best comedians ever. Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicky Lawrence made a great team.
There were several other great variety shows like the Flip Wilson Show, Laugh-in, Hee Haw, The Smothers Brothers and others. But the Carol Burnett Show was the king of the jungle. It's no wonder Carol could call like Tarzan.
This page highlights a few of my favorite Carol Burnett skits and some great humor from some other great comedians. I hope you agree.

No Frills Airline
Tim Conway finds out what it's like to fly economy class.
Carol Burnett Show
Wrong Number
Carol Burnett accuses Tim of having a girlfriend.
Carol Burnett Show
Tim Conway shows his lack of dental skills at the same time he shows us his comedy skills.
Carol Burnett Show
Elephant Story
Tim Conway maintains his cool while causing everyone around him to crack up.
Tim was always a rock at keeping a straight face. Normally Carol could regain her composure but not at the hands of Tim Conway.
Jonathan Winters Show
A tribute to the great comedian. How many people remember him as Mork & Mindy's baby boy?
Jonathan Winters    
Geraldine and Muhammad Ali.
flip wilson
Killer better not mess with Ali
after he flirts with Geraldine.
Don Knotts
as Barney Fife.
Barney has a brain freeze trying to recite the Constitution of the United States.
Smothers Brothers
Pat Paulsen editorials.
  Now that's funny.  

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