Time Warp Memories
You're from the Detroit area or have something in common with me if -

-You took a cruise to Bob-Lo with Captain Bob-Lo or went to Edgewater Amusement Park.

-You watched Detroit riot in 1967 and watched the Detroit Tigers win the hearts of the city back in 1968.

-The greatest baseball players ever had names like Kaline, Lolich, Horton and Cash.
1968 Year of the Tiger CD

-You shopped at Hughes and Hatcher, B Siegel, Robert Hall, Crowley's, Shoppers Fair, EJ Korvettes or Federals, Cunningham's, Atlantic Mills, Pant's Galore, Kresge's, Ziegler's, Topp's, Woolworth's.

-You rode the elevator at J. L. Hudson's, which was 'run' by an elevator operator.

- You remember Detroit wrestlers Dick the Bruiser, Bobo Brazil, Leaping Larry Chene, Wild Bull Curry and Edward 'The Sheik' Farhat.

-You remember balcony seats at Olympia Stadium were only $1.25.

You remember milk chutes, milk bottles and Milkmen. We would leave the door unlocked and he would place the milk in our fridge for us.

- You went to Cunningham Drug Store or S.S. Kresge for their soda fountain specials.

- You remember going to the drive-in and getting blasted by mosquito spray from the back of a pickup truck that drove up and down the lanes.

-You spent a few nights at the Algiers, Jolly Roger or Wayne Drive-in.

-You've seen the dragon inside of the State Wayne Theater.
state wayne theater
-You investigated the rumor about the "lights on Denton rd".

-You ever raced a car on Telegraph or watched cars race at the Detroit Drag Way.
detroit dragway
-Farrell's ice cream and Uncle Sam's bar on Telegraph were the "Hot Spots" in town.

-You remember Bray's Hamburger donkey.

-You remember listening to "WKNR Keener 13".

-You remember Sanders Bakery hot fudge creampuffs.

-You remember Sir Graves Ghastly's ghoulish TV show.

-You cruised the streets of Detroit before the Woodward Dream Cruise became an annual event.

-You remember any of these - the Buffalo Bob, Howdy Doody, Clarabelle, Phineas T.Bluster, Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring.

-You remember Twin Pines Dairy delivered milk in glass bottles to the chute on the side of your house.

-You remember Milky the Clown performed magic with the magic words 'Twin Pines.'

-You remember the Good Humor man in a white uniform, ringing the bells as he drove down your street.

-You remember Olympia Stadium and the Grande Ballroom.

-You remember when Vernors was made on Woodward Ave., and a bearded Troll was on the bottle.

-Your Mom shopped for groceries at Great Scott, Food Fair, Wrigley's or Chatham.

-Your Mom saved Holden Red Stamps, S&H Green Stamps, or Gold Bell Gift Stamps, and you licked them into those little books.

-Kresge's and Woolworth's were 'Dime Stores.'

-You bought Town Club pop by the case.

-You had an Uncle in the furniture business (Joshua Door).

-You remember eating Velvet Peanut Butter. Fresh- Pure: Delicious. It's for sale again at select stores.

-You watched Bill Kennedy Showtime.

-You remember the 1960's Lions as one of the best teams in football.

-You watched Mr. Hockey himself lead the Red Wings to greatness.

-You banked at the Bank of the Commonwealth or NBD.

-You saw the USA in your Chevrolet. Ok, maybe just a trip to Grandmothers house in a station wagon.

-You remember the first Crossover vehicle was really an El Camino.

-You remember Black Bart and the Faygo kid. Or how about 'Which way did he go? He went for Faygo, old fashion root beer.'

-You watched Rita Bell's prize movies in the morning.

-You remember Milky the Clown, Soupy Sales, Jerry Booths Fun House, Johnny Ginger, Poopdeck Paul, Captain Jolly, or Sagebrush Shorty.

-You visited the Wonder Bread Bakery and got to take home a mini loaf of bread.

Your remember Mr. Belvedere promised "we do good work" and the phone number TY8-7100 is still stuck in your head.

-You remember 'Get on the right track at 9 mile and Mack, to get the best deal in town. Roy O'Brien...it's the best deal in town.'

-You thought 'Gene Merollis was a great, great guy!'

Mel Farr was a 'Superstar' Dealer.

-You remember a laundry chute, a milk chute and a coal chute.

-You remember going to Detroit Edison with your Mom to exchange burned out light bulbs for new ones.

Your getting older if...
-These food ads ring a bell "Where's the beef", "I'm not Herb", "Time to make the donuts".

-Your first TV came in black & white with VHF/UHF.

-You wore Hip-huggers, beads and Bell-bottoms in high school.

-You could legally drink at 18 years old.

-You still own music on LP's, 45's or 8 tracks but don't have anything to play them on.

-The only Drive-thru's were at the car wash.

-Fast food was delivered to your car window but not from a drive through window.

-Everyone in the family shared the one phone in the kitchen.

-You lived without air conditioning growing up and survived.

-Your first 'calculator' was a slide ruler and you learned to write with a cartridge pen.

-Your first cheap car is now a valuable classic cruising down Woodward during the Dream Cruise.

-You love the sounds of Motown music.

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Now for all of you Faygo Redpop drinkers, here is the commercial that made it famous.
Redpop please.

Detroit Tiger Trivia
1926: Babe Ruth blasted a home run over the right-field roof of Tiger Stadium in Detroit. The ball landed on Plum Street and rolled on the pavement, stopping 850 feet from home plate. No home run ball ever traveled farther.

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