Time Warp Memories Sci-fi Movie
Classic Sci-fi Movies of the 50's, early 60's.
The Blob

The Blob is an amorphous creature from outer space which lands on Earth encased in a meteor. Two teenagers, Steve Andrews and Jane Martin take a car to try to find where the meteor has landed. Meanwhile, an elderly man has heard the meteor crash near his house. He goes outside and upon finding it pokes it with a stick. The rock breaks open and he finds a small mass of jelly-like substance inside. This "blob" which is actually a living creature, crawls up the stick and attaches itself to his hand. The man runs hysterically onto the road where he is almost hit by Steve's car. Steve attempts to help the man, but he begs to be taken to the doctor. They arrive just as the Doctor is about to leave. The Blob dissolves the old man completely and rolls to the floor, where it also engulfs and eats the nurse and later the doctor.
Visit the original theater and be part of the movie crowd at theBlob Fest in Phoenixville PA.

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