Time Warp Memories Sci-fi Movie
Classic Sci-fi Movies of the 1950's.
World Without End

This film chronicles the exploits of four astronauts, whose 1957 spaceship accidentally travels at incredible velocities as they return from a trip circling Mars. They are knocked unconscious, and land on a snow-peaked mountain. They venture out, and discover that they have become victims of time dilation and are now in Earth's future. They theorize, from seeing mass numbers of time-worn graves and after having had their ship's instruments register residual radiation across the planet, that humanity has been largely destroyed by a devastating atomic war in 2188.
After surviving attacks by giant, horrifying mutant spiders, they are attacked by one of two competing remnants of human society. These are violent, mutated, one-eyed surface dwellers who live in a primitive hunter-gatherer system.

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