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The movies are free the fun is priceless!

Show your movie at
the Drive-in

Ever dream of acting on the big screen?

Ever dream of making a movie?

Would you like to see your movie at the Drive-in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than this is the site for you!

Show the World your You-tube movie or video at the Time Warp Memories Drive-in Theater.

How to show your Movie
If you would like to have your You-tube movie shown at the Drive-in it's very simple.
1. First create and upload your movie to Youtube.com.
2. Go to MyMovie.
3. Select the UP arrow on the movie screen.
4. Search for your movie in the pop up box and you are done.

If you are satisfied with the results please share my site with your friends.

Don't have a You-tube movie of your own?
That's ok, you can still invite your friends out to watch some of great movie clips at our Drive-in. Just choose a favorite movie from our Now Showing marquee.

Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, e-mail your friends and enjoy the shows!
I would like to play a movie at the Drive-in that my friend made. I want to show it as a gift to him. How can I do that?
Gift Movies can be added to the Drive-in marquee by sending me an e-mail. See below for more details

How do I invite a friend to watch a movie Now Showing?
All you need to do is send them a link to the Drive-in Movie web page. If you would like to have a movie of your own showing at the Drive-in, see the next question.

I would like to display my own movie creation at the Drive-in. Is that possible?
Yes, there are two ways. The first way is by using the search engine described under How To Show Your Movie. The other way is to contact me directly. I can create an Internet Drive-in that will display your movie for you. It is not something you can do without using a search. The personal service is available for a donation.

How long will it take you to get my personal Drive-in movie created?
Please allow me a couple of days lead time to create a special Drive-in for you. I still have to work and clean house. I do check my e-mail daily. After I have uploaded your movie I will e-mail you the link. If you are happy with my efforts please make a donation for my time.

What is an acceptable donation for your time?
I leave that up to you. However I spend about 20 minutes of my family time to create your personal Drive-in, link it to the Now Showing marquee page and e-mail you that it is complete. So you get to decide what my service is worth and how much fun it will give you.
"A workman is worthy of his hire".

Do you trust people to make donations after you have done the work?
Yes. I believe that most people are honest enough to be trusted. I hope they understand that I do this as a personal service for their entertainment. My site will only work if honest people use it. If I failed to meet your need in a timely manner I apologize.

How long will my movie be available to watch at the Drive-in?
There is no time limit. The direct link I send you will last as long as my website does or your movie does.

Are you infringing on someone's rights by displaying their you-tube movies?
I don't believe so and here is why. I am not downloading or borrowing any content from you-tube or pretending that it belongs to me. I am only displaying what is available for public viewing on an open window. All content belongs to you-tube and the creators of the movies. I am only creating a link to their website and displaying it at the Drive-in. I also do not charge for the viewing of these free movies.
I do take donations for my time in creating special movie features for individuals.
You can also support my Drive-in by shopping at my concession stand or at my advertisement links.

I will not display any movie that I find offensive or in appropriate.

Have a question that was not answered?
Contact me

About me

Why did I make this site?
I made this site to bring the Drive-in to those people who loved the feel of the Drive-in but no longer have the opportunity or time to visit one.
Hopefully my guest will be able to use my site to share those good old days with friends who have moved away. What better way to maintain a friendship than to invite someone to the drive-in to watch a movie with you?

Who am I?
I am just a regular guy with a regular job and family. I'm just trying to keep alive the happy memories of going to the drive-in.

Why do I ask for your support?
I run this site for fun and nostalgia but it takes time and expense to maintain the website. So if you would like to help keep Your Drive-in open, please make a donation or shop Amazon.com from my site.
You can also support my Drive-in by shopping at my concession stand or at my advertisement links.
You can also support this site by sharing it with your friends.
Thanks for your support!
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