Local Knowledge


After sinking the winning putt in the Metropolitan Golf Championship, golf pro Kieran Lenahan learns that Sylvester Miles, the owner of the country club where Kieran works, has been found dead in a water hazard. The police quickly focus on Kieran’s shop assistant, an ex-juvenile delinquent who Kieran has taken under his wing. As if that isn’t enough, Kieran finds himself entangled in Miles’ peculiar will, which designates Kieran to auction off a rare set of golf clubs and give the proceeds to Miles’ sexy young widow. Kieran isn’t sure which is more trouble – the beautiful Blitzklubs or the beautiful widow. When two more bodies turn up, and the Blitzklubs vanish, Kieran needs to scramble –not just for his golf career but for his very life – in a tangled web that stretches from post-WWII Germany to the modern Japanese mob.

“The pseudonymous Daly, a practicing attorney, scores a birdie with this spirited first mystery, set in the world of pro-am golf. Even non-golfers will delight in Lenahan’s love of the game and the fairway world.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Like all good mysteries, Local Knowledge is full of colorful characters with motive and opportunity. … Daly is superb at pacing and building suspense.”
– The New York Law Journal

“Local Knowledge is a punchy page-turner chock-full of colorful characters and snappy language.”
– Golf Magazine

“A fast-paced mystery.”
– The New York Times

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