Outside Agency


After seven years’ exile, Kieran Lenahan is back on the PGA Tour–or he would be if somebody hadn’t bashed his head at a Gainesville apartment complex. In a sense, Kieran’s a lucky guy: He came out of his adventure a lot fitter than Cindy Moran, who was found lying next to him but never woke up. But his good luck isn’t enough to save him from the baying tournament staff, who disqualify him from the current event, Orlando’s Bay Hill Classic, and announce their willingness to bounce him from the Tour on account of his questionable, possibly immoral, behavior. And Kieran’s got no defense, because he can’t remember what he was doing in Cindy Moran’s apartment; he can’t even remember how he traveled the hundred miles from the 17th tee at Bay Hill to the Camelot Apartments. Though he’s solved mysteries before, Kieran’s never had a more urgent reason for tackling a case.  [from Kirkus Reviews]

“Conscientiously plotted, with a well-concealed killer. Golfing wannabes will be happy to see that Daly paints the PGA Tour as an endless round of backbiting, name-calling, and endorsement-chasing, with hardly a moment for a quiet 18 holes.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“A nicely evolving plot, smoothly told; of special interest to sports fans.”
– Library Journal

“If mystery fiction has taught us anything, it’s that, to paraphrase Michael Corleone, you can stage a murder anywhere–even in the notoriously antiseptic world of professional golf. This third Kieran Lenahan adventure finds the former lawyer now touring pro with a nasty bump on his head and a case of amnesia: he can’t remember a thing about the dead woman found on the floor beside him. Although there isn’t much actual golf played here, fans will enjoy the view of corporate chicanery within the PGA Tour’s infrastructure. Daly pretty much sticks to formula in this series, but he does so competently and efficiently.”
– Booklist

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