The Missing Piece


During  a trial to determine the ownership of an ancient Roman silver treasure, two gunmen invade a courtroom and steal an exhibit worth $5 million. A shot goes off, and a court officer is hit. No one ever sees the gunmen or the exhibit again.

Three years later, the case returns for trial before Judge Linda Conover. Judge Conover is relatively new to the bench, but she is familiar with the case because she was the law clerk to the judge who presided over the first trial. She is also at a crossroads in her life and privately plans that this trial will be her last.

Meanwhile, paraplegic officer Gary Martin believes the stolen treasure piece is hidden somewhere in the courthouse. He convinces another officer to search for this missing piece with the idea that they will sell it to whoever prevails at the trial.

The new trial has summoned not only the parties and their lawyers to the New York County Courthouse, but also the other unknown players in the heist. The Inspector General worries about Judge Conover’s safety and her impartiality, while Foxx, working his usual undercover gig, has his own ideas.


“A masterful story of murder, corruption, and sexual obsession,with the tension meter on high” — Booklist

“In this engaging legal thriller, Egan demonstrates a gift for making legal technicalities easy to understand.”— Publishers Weekly

“Brisk and suspenseful. John Grisham with a dash of men’s adventure and Dan Brown.” — Noir Journal

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