The Perseus Breed


The Perseus Breed combines a science fiction story-line with strong mystery genre elements. The story opens with Borley Share, a college psychology professor, interviewing an old woman in a remote area of upstate New York about the disappearance of her daughter. The woman’ story, which depicts her daughter’s odd psychological state in the days before her disappearance, fits the pattern of other disappearances that have occurred in thirty year intervals. Convinced that another spate of disappearances is about to occur, Borley advertises for participants in a psychological study and quickly identifies three women exhibiting the same psychological tendencies of other women who vanished. After two of these women vanish – one while being shadowed by a private investigator – Borley realizes that he has uncovered a startling explanation for the disappearances

“Snappy dialogue and a romantic interest add color to a novel of aliens among us.”
– Library Journal

“Could it be that some alien species is using Earth as a breeding ground … or is something more sinister afoot? A well done scientific mystery.”
– S.F. Chronicle

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