Where It Lies


Jenny Chase’s idyllic lifestyle as a golf pro in a charming suburban town is threatened when she discovers the body of greenskeeper Rick Gilbert hanging in the cart barn. The police rule the death a suicide, but Jenny soon has her doubts. Why did Rick, who she barely knew, call her five times on the night before he died? Is Kit Gilbert’s fervent belief that her husband did not kill himself based on self interest or some shared secret? With a $2 million insurance policy at stake, Jenny investigates Rick Gilbert’s death. But as evidence of foul play mounts, so do the complications in Jenny’s life. Her teenage son is arrested for petty theft, jeopardizing the legal custody she won in her divorce decree. Her best friend on the police force proves himself to be a shaky ally as well as a fickle lover. And someone is willing to kill her to bury the truth.

“WHERE IT LIES provides great golf scenes, a clever plot with twists you won’t see coming, and, in Jenny Chase, a protagonist you’ll care about long after the final putt–a great read for both golf fans and mystery enthusiasts.”
– John R. Corrigan, author of the Jack Austin PGA Tour mystery series.

“… down-to-earth characters and a conclusion notable for its realism will leave the reader eager for more.”
– Publishers Weekly

“This is a well written amateur sleuth sports mystery starring a strong support cast and a super lead protagonist. The story line plays fast on and off the greens.”
– Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

“A strong heroine anchors a tense series debut that will appeal to more than just golfers.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“For a male author to create a believable female protagonist can be tricky, but K.J. Egan accomplishes the feat with finesse. … He accurately portrays the worlds of golf and crime.”
– Jay Strafford, Richmond Times-Dispatch

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